What is SoulMark?

A group of professionals united by principles of compromise, enthusiasm and efficacy with a clear objective: accompany and advice our clients in the protection and defense of their rights in Industrial and Intellectual Property.

We start up an Firm that modernizes the counseling in Industrial and Intellectual Property adapting to the current times and anticipating the ongoing changes that are so characteristic of such a dynamic sector.

We feel self-sufficient due to our experience, and enthusiastic about opening the doors of our Firm, filling an emptiness that we have identified in our sector.


Industrial Property

Consultancy and advising in Industrial Property rights (trademarks, patents and designs)

Intellectual Property an New Technologies

Consultancy and advising in Copyrights, Domain Names, and protection of Personal Data.

What makes us different?

Creativity, professionalism, and transparency.

We have learned to understand what worries our clients when launching a new trademark. We are always a step ahead and we provide the most appropriate coverage.

Transparency in our work becomes one of our pillars and provides the ease our clients need and the confidence that they are in the best hands.

What do we provide our clients with?

We offer our clients the warranty and security of adopting adequate decisions because we put ourselves in their shoes. It is the only way we can come up with a personalized treatment.

Our real work is to think for our client in their interests on Industrial Property. This will make us design clear strategies on trademark expansion, provide the most effective defense mechanisms for attacks from third parties, and anticipate ourselves to whatever contingency that might affect their intangible goods. In short, we help our clients create strong trademarks.

We have conceived SOULMARK as a boutique Firm highly qualified in Industrial Property. We distance ourselves from big structures that slow down the process and we take the time every client needs to get to the best solution. It is not a matter of being the biggest fish in the pond, but of being effective, and in the eyes of our client, the most effective.

In a modern and competitive world where the client is in possession of a lot of information, what he needs is an ally that will ease the decision-making process to the point where it becomes a yes-or-no question. It is that simple.


We believe in ourselves, we believe in our project, but above all, we believe in our clients and that drives us to be better day by day with the sole objective of becoming their best ally.


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