Specialized Counseling

In SOULMARK we offer specialized counseling in Industrial Property covering all the suitable advice in this area which includes not only structural planning and the expansion of the intangible goods portfolio, but also the monitoring of its legal and registered life anywhere it is in force.

Additionally, in SOULMARK we offer managing and representation services for the registry, maintenance, and defense of industrial property rights before national, European and international IP Offices competent in each case, from the filing of the trademark, patent or design, to their registration. We attend all the incidents during the registration procedure, as well as the monitoring and defense of the IP rights, preparing and filing all kind of writs before administrative and judicial instances, or negotiating to reach satisfactory Agreements for our clients.

Industrial Property Rights:


“We have the support of the best collaborators in every country, which allows us to take care of all the paperwork and maintenance of our clients’ industrial property rights anywhere they need.”


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