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In SOULMARK we are specialized in all the difficulties derived from Intellectual Property, from the initial counseling to the registration of intellectual works, providing fast and effective solutions.

We look for and execute the most effective formula in the protection of these kind of works, from a merely registry aspect, taking care of all needed for its correct registration before competent authorities, national or foreign, to a contractual aspect, checking and setting forth the contracts which will protect copy rights.

Adapted to a new reality

Due to how the present is made up, our clients presence in the Internet is an unavoidable matter that deserves special attention. In SOULMARK, collaborating with first class registration Agencies, we offer our clients continued advising regarding their domain names, including management and maintenance. Our goal is for this procedure to be carried out in the simplest and most transparent way possible, to facilitate our clients their understanding and daily monitoring.

With the mandatory application of the new European Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of Protection of Personal Data, our clients must face up a new scenario in this matter that forces them to update their policies so far. In SOULMARK we are aware of this new reality and we are prepared to advise our clients about the best way to confront this new challenge in the simplest way without added effort.


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